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How can I get rid of the check engine light after removing the catalytic converter.?

I have removed the catalytic converter from my truck and get a lot more power but now I am getting a check engine light that says my system is running lean. How can I correct this problem?How can I get rid of the check engine light after removing the catalytic converter.?
install a new catalytic converter.
The OBD is what causes the check engine light to turn on. It is the on board diagnostics chip which is mandatory in all vehicles after 1988 by emissions regulations. Your check engine light came on when you remover the catalytic converter because your vehicle is now creating more emissions than it is legally allowed to produce. You can temporarily turn it off by removing the battery cables for a few minutes and them putting them back on, however within 25 miles it will be back on. The catalytic converter might make difference in power, however it was put on there by emissions regulations to lower emissions in the air because of the global warming b.s. and all the "tree huggers" who want to save the world from us. lol The catalytic converter actually has a good purpose if you want cleaner air because it converts Hydrocarbons, Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide (produced by your engine) into less harmful things like carbon dioxide(what you exhale) and water. By the way, it will not pass smog without the catalytic converter or if the check engine light is on and if you are caught driving it without the catalytic converter, they can tow your vehicle and fine you out the wazoo so be cautious. Good luck!How can I get rid of the check engine light after removing the catalytic converter.?
put the cat back in for sure. your car is not designed to run without one. You are polluting intentionally. you might as well dump a bag of garbage in lake tahoe. Put it back in and take time to realize that the slight power increase isnt worth your sensors going out and your computer freaking out. Your car is going to adjust for the cat being missing and will run your engine really hot.
un hook your battery for about an hour, my house heat vent blows on my car an resets the sensors (oxygen-fuel air, exhaust) all the time . I hope this helps, its gotta be at least 45 min though-- it takes the on board computer that long to erase it self---also anything newer than 1979 has an on board computerHow can I get rid of the check engine light after removing the catalytic converter.?
Reinstall the Catalytic converter, you are making more noise, which you are mistaking for more power. The new honeycomb type converters don't provide any significant exhaust restriction. Old myths from the days of pellet type converters die hard though.
your car must have an oxygen sensor after the catalytic coverter, unplug that oxygen sensor, and reprogram your ecu

What do I do if the diagnostic test say bad tranmission and bad catalytic converter?

Could I just get the catalytic converter fix and get the transmission later? The car right just not getting any power but it changing gears well.What do I do if the diagnostic test say bad tranmission and bad catalytic converter?
Replace the catalytic converter and go to a shop to see whats up with the transmission. You may just need to replace a component in the transmission and not the whole thing. Transmissions are very expensive, so if you don't want to spend a lot of money, look at trying to get it fix first.What do I do if the diagnostic test say bad tranmission and bad catalytic converter?
If it revs up when you press the pedal down while in gear, but doesn't seem to accelerate as quickly as it should, then that's the transmission slipping. A bad catalytic converter can rob power too, but I haven't had any personal experience of one going bad. I've heard that when their bad the exhaust get a kind of rotten egg smell.

Transmission repair/replacement is very expensive. A lot of the times it costs more than the car is worth, so if your transmission is going out, start thinking about getting a different car (unless you really like the car and want to fix it up).

Replacement of a catalytic converter shouldn't be too expensive. Should only take a garage something like 1 hour to replace it, assuming the rest of your exhaust is in ok condition, so labor shouldn't be much.What do I do if the diagnostic test say bad tranmission and bad catalytic converter?
If you need to pass a emissions test yes you have to replace catalytic converter. The tranny, if you don't mind getting stranded somewhere and can afford a tow truck, don't fix it. Your playing the game of risk. Don't go anywhere farther than 30 miles from your house. Use the car for work and necessities. Is it even worth fixing anyways? If you owe money on it then you should probably look into fixing it!

What diagnostic test are you using?..... I need to sell that one. I would make so much money on repairing your all's cars..........I would get a REAL test done by a reputable place before you spend any more money.

Is it safe to drive my mid '90s car with a broken catalytic converter? Will it keep running?

All of a sudden I couldn't get my 1995 Ford Taurus to go 35mph with the pedal to the floor! My mechanic says I need a new catalytic converter, but the cost of such an item (plus labor) is prohibitive right now.The car still runs. If I stay off the highway and just make short trips (and try to stay out of everyone else's way) is it safe to drive the car and would it continue to operate indefinitely with the broken down item?Is it safe to drive my mid '90s car with a broken catalytic converter? Will it keep running?
Not a good idea. Sometimes you NEED extra power to avoid a collision.

Remember that most converter failures are the result of some OTHER malfunction which is allowing unburned fuel into the converter.

Get THAT problem fixed TOO or you will burn up ANOTHER converter.
Your engine is designed for unleaded the converter reignites the gases for emissions control of exhaust. It is ok to drive it without one indefinitly but the epa frowns on it and so do some states. Check online for a aftermarket one or go to the junkyard and have one welded back on.Is it safe to drive my mid '90s car with a broken catalytic converter? Will it keep running?
it won't hurt the engine, all the catalytic converter does is control emissions. I'd agree with the mechanic of 45 years that it isn't a good thing, but it won't cause damage.
The more you drive it in it's current condition,. the more damage you do to the engine. It is not in a condition to be driven anywhere.Is it safe to drive my mid '90s car with a broken catalytic converter? Will it keep running?
Just drill a few 1/2" holes in the cat's body - it will get a bit noisy, but you'll get some power back... replace it soon, you won't pass smog test with it plugged (or drilled)
This is bad for the environment wont cause real damage to the car
will ruin engine and of course fuel economy

Is it illegal for a dealer in Oklahoma to sell a car without catalytic converter?

I bought a car from a car lot but hadn't even taken it off the lot when I noticed the catalytic converter wasn't there. I tried to get my money back since the car never left the lot but the owner wasn't there. I still have not heard back from him but the car is still at his lot.Is it illegal for a dealer in Oklahoma to sell a car without catalytic converter?
yes, it is illegal to operate a car without the catalytic converter installed. All cars produced after 1975 should have one. The car, if spotted by an officer can be impounded. cancel your payment if by check or stop payment if by credit card. Either way i believe that you have a 24 hour window to return a vehicle after initial purchase, but in this case you never removed the car from the lot. I would make sure you have witness' lined up tp prove the car never left the lot, an exact mileage on the car when you purchased it should be in the purchase contract, so it should read the same numbers. If you know of any police officers, make sure they know the car was never moved and this will help you if the seller gives you a hard time, he may say you bought the car as is. i believe that there is a fine of up towards $2500 for operating a vehicle without the cat .

good luck.........
It is Illegal to remove or alter emission control devices, but it usually is not enforced and if you live in an area like me the DOL will not let you register your car without an emission test first.

your car will fail an emission test if your car is missing the cat. I think once you buy the car its your problem but you could call the police and ask them and/or the BBB.Is it illegal for a dealer in Oklahoma to sell a car without catalytic converter?
since its a dealership then yes it is illegal, a 99 is equipped with a catalytic converter and it is a FEDERAL CRIME to remove any emissions system components without replacing them! leave it in the parking lot (dont put any miles on it) and return it! you could be responsible for fixing this the dealership needs to be responsible for replacing this since they bought the car without the proper inspection.
It depends on the year model of the car. If the car was not equipped with one when manufactured then it does not need one. If it did come with one, then yes, it is illegal. Leave the car there, call the police and tell them your situation. They should help/direct you on how to get your money back.Is it illegal for a dealer in Oklahoma to sell a car without catalytic converter?
If the car is manufactured after 1996 it needs a cat, If before that it can be removed legally, Federal laws apply, not state.

What are the benefits of taking out your catalytic converter?

I'm starting to learn about exhaust systems in cars. My friend just bought a new subaru legacy 2.5gt. He said he wants to make his exhaust full catless. From what I know, you need your catalytic conv. to reduce emissions. If you don't have it in, isn't it illegal? won't you not pass emissions testing?? Also, what are the benefits of taking out the catalytic converter? (since it seems to be a common mod)What are the benefits of taking out your catalytic converter?
None. Today's engines are designed to work with a good working catalytic converter.

Taking out the cat will improve fuel economy and power. HOWEVER, it is very illegal. You will NOT pass emissions, etc.What are the benefits of taking out your catalytic converter?
removing the cat is illegal. also the warranty will be void. it can not pass emissions.
Small power increase.

However without a cat you will not pass emissions, and will receive a hefty fine if you are caught without it. Today's cars are built to run with a cat, don't remove it.What are the benefits of taking out your catalytic converter?
the only benefit to removing the catalytic converter is when it is plugged up. otherwise there is no benefit. in fact if you remove the coverters you are breaking federal law, and if you are caught there is a rather large fine you will have to pay. remember that just because the state you live in doesnt require an emissions test, doesnt mean you can eliminate the emissions system on cars that are so equiped.
that cat has a before and after o2 sensor that helps your motor to map.if the numbers are wrong, the engine will not run is possible to pass smog with a modified exhaust, but you wopnt be able to drive the damn thing cause itll run so weak
Removing the converter is the worst thing to do. It will cause the engine to fail before it's time and just stink up the world. THere is NO good reason to destroy what it took a decade or so for engineers to figure out. Converters do NOT rob you of power. Your friend is a total idiot if he does such a thing. The engine relies on signals from the O2 sensors before and after the converter to alter fuel quntity and timing. Tell your friend he is STUPID, STUPID, STUPIID for attempting such a thing. He will ruin the value of the car, and gain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! These engines have fuel management precision that produce every bit of power when called upon by the foot pedal under full load. THe fuel is enriched, and the best power is obtained. NO ONE drives their car with the pedal to the floor constantly!!! Your friend will just trash it out and lose power and performance. What a WASTE!!! Try installing a set of Denso Iridium plugs first. Then be SURE that you are using a "top tier" fuel. You will have more power than you need!!
Your friend might find a small increase in HP, however if caught, your friend might find his licence plates seized and a big fine (or a summons, meaning court time etc.) - before he'd be allowed to drive his car again he'd have to pay to have it re-installed. He'd still have to pay the towing fees also after his plates were seized.

The officer might not seize the plates, but that's up to the officer. They seize the plates 'to stop the offence from continuing' - so the cost involved in towing etc. doesn't even factor into the fine you pay. Not to mention if there's anything else your friend has in his car that he wouldn't want a lot of police attention to, it's a dumb idea.

It will fail the emissions test because the visual inspection will fail it even before they put it on the dyno.

Modern cars have better cats than before, you really gain almost nothing by removing them and the risk isn't worth it. Any emissions equipment installed on the car when it was made, has to remain on it (or a working equivalent) and working. Otherwise you pay a big price and get a big embarrassment if you're driving with your girlfriend when they seize your plates and you have to be towed.
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  • What metal is used in a catalytic converter?

    What metal is used as a catalyst in a catalytic converter?What metal is used in a catalytic converter?
    the metals like rhodium, platinum, polonium, etc.. are used in catalytic converters.

    How to free catalytic converter bolts?

    I have a 96 civic, the bolts on the exhaust holding the catalytic converter on are kinda rusted and they are stuck and i dont wanna break them or strip them out, can any one give me any ideas about what to do, they are stuck pretty good, i have already soaked them in pb blaster a few times and they still wont come offHow to free catalytic converter bolts?
    Unfortunately,some times all you can do is cut them off and replace them with nut and bolts from the hardware store.How to free catalytic converter bolts?
    If they are that rusted you are going to need some welding equipment or a really good sawmill to remove it. Older Honda are notorious for having rusting exhaust. The new model ones I believe 2005 and up have lifetime warranties on the exhaust system. I recommend replacing the entire exhaust from headers back if you plan to keep the car at least a few more years.How to free catalytic converter bolts?
    The bolt is going to snap. That's just how things are going to be. Only way around it is to paid the mechanic and they will snap it and replace the bolt.
    you have a good cutting torch or a saws-all?