Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can i cut off my Catalytic converter and replace it with a straight pipe?

I have a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis and there is a hole in the Catalytic converter i cannot get to the hole. Someone told me I could just cut out the converter and put in a straight pipe but i noticed sensors before and after the converter. Will that do anything to my computer or just make it so my check engine light stays on?|||It is illegal to do this you can get a hefty fine if you are caught doing this and furthermore if you live in an area that has emission inspection program it will not pass! Also in some states (Virginia) it will be rejected on just a regular annual safety inspection. I would NOT recommend using a (universal converter) because of the poor results we have seen in the field I would recommend a direct fit or factory converter replacement to prevent P0420 or P0430 codes to be set! (efficiency codes eg. P0420 and P0430 and ALL downstream O2 sensor codes DO NOT effect engine running or performance!!!)|||MasTec is right on the money.

The EPA has not cracked down on illegal exhaust modifications (such as removing or disabling catalytic converters) but I expect them to start this year or next year at the latest. Every agency in the US is scrambling for money and the preferred way of getting them is fees and fines. I don't think the EPA is going to wait much longer to collect $25,000 fined from people who have removed catalytic converters.|||If you do take it out, your car won't run right, the CEL will be on all the time so you won't know when there is a real problem, and if you have to take it to a shop to get anything fixed, they must replace it at your cost.|||You can however it will cause your car to have a constant check engine light and increased fuel consumption. Aftermarket cats are pretty reasonable at your local auto parts store.|||Not legally and if you do you will set off o2 codes and your engine will shake like crazy, because you now will now have no programmed backpressure.|||This will for sure cause your check engine light to come on and that's it.

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