Sunday, January 1, 2012

Does a catalytic converter affect the performance of a 2000 ford focus?

My car is running sluggish and its as if there is no power in it. Normally my car will get up and go (manual). My check engine light is and has been on for some time. I had a mechanic hook a computer up to my car the the code came out saying my catalytic converter is bad or somthing.|||The other potential issue besides what the person above me said... is that a catalytic converter can foul and become plugged. When this happens, the engine cannot breathe due to the extreme backpressure in the exhaust.

The only option in this case is to replace the catalytic converter.|||Usually a reading like this indicates that your air/fuel mix is off balance. Locate, remove and clean your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE. Use Gum-out spray. SPray the GUm-out through your throttle body with engine running, and it should clean your O2 sensor(s) AND the converter. Good luck!!|||miles?? takes a lot to collapse the cat//have it rechecked or just pull the bolts out of the head pipe and pry away from the manifold//if the thing runs like it used to its in the exhaust|||Not everyone will sell you a used Cat but you may be able to find one.Try to figure out what happened to your current Cat. hitting slush with a hot Cat. can ruin it or it may be a repair or tune up issue.

Junkyards really are not supposed to sell used cats. federal regulations

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