Sunday, January 8, 2012

How do I unclog or clean catalytic converter in 1997 Ford Taurus?

Puttering and won't drive past 30-40 mph. Have replaced catalytic converter in another vehicle so pretty sure that's the problem but need some advice on how to fix this one. Need a cheap quick fix.|||you can hollow it out or buy a new one and technically its against the law to tamper with emission devices for the record|||Leagal or illeagal is the better question, depending on your state emission laws. Cheapest and quickest, cut it off and replace it with straight pipe. Check with the state laws on that because tickets get expensive. I have heard of people removing the converter and knocking the guts of the converter out and putting it back in to fool the inspectors. But, this is backwoods area where inspections are only random. Legally and responsibly you would get a new converter.|||Really no cheap fix here. About the cheapest would be to remove the converter and substitute a piece of pipe. This may not be a cheap fix either but it will be less expensive that a new catalytic converter. However if you live in a state like CA, you have an emission check that must be passed and if you don't have a converter on the vehicle you are subject to a fine.|||the only way is put a new cat on. when they get too hot then the catalyst welds together and clogs it up. you can gut it out but then it will be useless and it won,t run right.|||Sometimes, you can cut the pipe behind the cat and you'll see a wall of carbon built up in there. You can chisel that out and weld the pipe back up, however if that happens to be the case, that might also mean the cat could be melted on the inside from overheating due to the engine running excessively rich.|||if your state does not do inspections replace it with a straight pipe

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