Sunday, January 8, 2012

How hard is it to replace a catalytic converter on a 2002 toyota corolla?

The check engine light on my Corolla went on last week, and it turns out that it is the catalytic converter.

Is this something I can do by myself? Also, do I really need a catalytic converter? How long can I drive the car safely?|||It's simple, provided it's not too rusty. Even then you can hack saw the bugger off. Unless you go in for emissions testing in your area, you can replace it with a straight pipe. This won't harm the car.|||It should be covered under the factory warranty. It's 8 years on emission devices generally speaking.

To replace the cat you need to weld on a new one. You can't do this. Or you can buy a new downpipe and do a bolt on installation. You probably can't do this.

A bad cat will cause a reduction in gas mileage and will fail you at emissions if you're getting a check engine light and a code on your pcm (ie obd2 ports read from the pcm). Other than that you can drive it as long as you need to; it's not harmful to anyone except the environment.|||Comes with exhaust manifold,not hard to replace,within half an hour job for a pro.Car can be driven as long as you want,just for emission purpose.You can do it,with metric sockets and wrenches,like 14mm for manifold,22mm for oxygen sensor removal and 12mm or 10mm for heat shield.

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