Sunday, January 8, 2012

How much can I drive with a clogged catalytic converter?

This morning my engine light started blinking when I turned on my 2002 Dodge Dakota (142,000miles). Looking in the manual and doing some outside research, I figured out that the catalytic converter is clogged. My mechanic can't see it until Monday; can I drive a little (30minutes total) in the meantime?|||Depends on how clogged it is, how much of the catalyst is loose, and whether it moves around and clogs it more. When mine did that, I couldn't even get it to start. I had to cut a section of the exhaust pipe in front of the cat to get it running enough to limp it over to the exhaust shop.

If it runs enough to drive, you can drive it, but I will not guarantee you will make it back home without it stranding you somewhere.

Good luck with your cc woes.|||you cant drive it too much,because you have a chance of burning the will also blacken the 02 sensor and the plugs.i know,because thats what happen to mine,but i fixed it before any thing major happened,just my 02 sensor and plugs had to be changed.

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